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7 hours of sleep… yeah!

Last night Bailey slept through the night. Yippee! She only had 1 nap yesterday, though, so I kind of expected her to konk out for the night. Poor girl had to be exhausted. She had a good day, yesterday. She was talking and smiling up a storm and taking great interest in the oak trees outside. I love watching her check out the world around her; it’s like seeing and experiencing everything again for the first time.


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Candy cane kisses

Our little candy cane had a great first Christmas! We went to my Mom and Dad’s, and my brother was in from L.A. to celebrate. It was a great day filled with awesome food and great memories. Bailey was as cute as ever in her Christmas outfit (which she’s rapidly growing out of). It’s hard to believe she’s 2 months old already! My mom couldn’t stop fawning over her. Of course, what’s a Nana to do? Spoil her silly, obviously.

Bailey’s doing some new things this week – she ‘accidentally’ found her hand by grabbing it with the other one and had a look of bewilderment on her face that was just priceless. She’s turning her head 180 degrees now… even on her tummy, and the ooohs and aaahhs are coming on more frequently now, especially when I talk to her. When Matt plays with her you can see her brimming with delight, she just hasn’t figured out how to giggle or squeal yet. But it’s coming. I can see it trapped in that little body of hers. She’s been a good baby the last couple of weeks. She mainly cries when she’s hungry or when she’s tired, and 6-7 p.m. is a rough time for her since it’s the end of the day, but overall, she has a consistently happy personality and she’s very inquisitive about the world around her. She loves looking all around and taking in her surroundings. She’s been fascinated by ceiling fans and any kind of light bulb… all the usual stuff. But it’s intoxicatingly cute, and we’re realizing as first-time parents that all of these moments and milestones happen amazingly fast.

Below are some pics from her first Christmas. Enjoy!


My brother with Bailey:


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Silent night

Well, we have now officially made it one night through with no feedings. That was Saturday night. She slept til 5 a.m. Whoo hoo! Of course, that same stint didn’t happen last night. She was up at 3, 5 and 7. Go figure. One step forward, two back. They say (whoever ‘they’ are) that this is common. She’ll get there. I’m looking forward to the weeks she’s consistently sleeping 7-8 hours. No one functions well on sleep deprivation. My sister-in-law, Marty, is just like me. She’s got to have 7-8 hours of sleep a night to function with her 5 kids. I don’t know how she does it. Lots of tea I guess. But as any veteran mom will tell you, “You just do it and get through. The first 12 weeks are the toughest.”

Bailey had her first pre-Christmas celebration at Granny’s over the weekend. Santa showed up for all her cousins (all 9 of them were there) and passed out gifts. The kids had a great time. Olivia and Zach got a John Deere tractor they were racing around in. Zach was a better driver; Olivia kept running into the house, trees, you name it. I wish she would’ve run over a few squirrels, ha ha.

Granny made a great dinner and it was a wonderful evening for all the kids. Bailey got several baby gifts, including a giant red and white stuffed reindeer that is now in her room. She doesn’t know what it is now, but give her a couple years. I’m sure it’ll be one of her favorite toys. She slept through most of the gift-giving, and the ensuing squeals of glee by her cousins from the other gifts that followed. All in all, a festive night… and then a silent one. Merry Christmas!


With her Aunt Sandee:


With Daddy:


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Growing up so fast

Everyone who’s a parent always says, “Enjoy the stage you’re in because they grow up so fast.” And indeed, they do. I watched as my mother-in-law took Bailey this morning for part of the day to allow me to get some work and errands done and I looked at her and thought to myself, “She’s not a newborn anymore.” She’s been turning her head 180 degrees, looking all around, and starting to show more of that inner personality of hers. She’s a beautiful soul, and we love her so dearly.

She’s been sleeping for 4 hour stretches now at night (mostly), though there are nights that we backtrack to 2-3 hours. We think she weighs over 10 lbs. now, according to our bathroom scale. She’s definitely growing! Her long fingers and toes point to a future where she’ll have large feet, and I’m already thinking she’ll be taller than me. Perhaps she’ll be a swimmer, or a pianist (and be able to play Rachmaninoff, unlike her mother, who has small hands).

Here’s a picture taken recently of her in her little ‘sling.’ She barely fits in it now. Thanks to my friend Laurie, who gave me the sling at the shower. It’s come in handy, that’s for sure!


And here are a couple pictures Matt took yesterday before we went out to dinner for my birthday. Enjoy!


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More pix from Turkey Day

Here are a few more pics from Bailey’s first Thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Post turkey bliss:


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Bailey’s first Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble!

It was a time to give thanks this Thanksgiving. We are so fortunate and blessed to have Bailey in our lives – she is a true miracle and is such a joy. We had a great time on Thanksgiving, and all the family enjoyed meeting Bailey. There were of course all the usual accoutrements – turkey, dressing, cranberries… we all ate too much and loved every minute of it. All in all, it was a great day! (And perfect weather.) Here are some pictures from Bailey’s first Turkey day. Enjoy!

* Special thanks to my Dad for taking these great pictures!


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