Growing up so fast

Everyone who’s a parent always says, “Enjoy the stage you’re in because they grow up so fast.” And indeed, they do. I watched as my mother-in-law took Bailey this morning for part of the day to allow me to get some work and errands done and I looked at her and thought to myself, “She’s not a newborn anymore.” She’s been turning her head 180 degrees, looking all around, and starting to show more of that inner personality of hers. She’s a beautiful soul, and we love her so dearly.

She’s been sleeping for 4 hour stretches now at night (mostly), though there are nights that we backtrack to 2-3 hours. We think she weighs over 10 lbs. now, according to our bathroom scale. She’s definitely growing! Her long fingers and toes point to a future where she’ll have large feet, and I’m already thinking she’ll be taller than me. Perhaps she’ll be a swimmer, or a pianist (and be able to play Rachmaninoff, unlike her mother, who has small hands).

Here’s a picture taken recently of her in her little ‘sling.’ She barely fits in it now. Thanks to my friend Laurie, who gave me the sling at the shower. It’s come in handy, that’s for sure!


And here are a couple pictures Matt took yesterday before we went out to dinner for my birthday. Enjoy!


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