New Year’s Baby

For New Year’s we went to Brian & Holly’s house. Brian is one of Matt’s oldest friends from childhood, and he and Holly have 3 boys — all growing up so fast. It was a good time, even though it was a short visit, since we had to get our own little sugarplum in bed so Mommy & Daddy could get some sleep. Anthony, another one of our friends who was there with his wife, Erin and their almost-1-year-old daughter Madie, commented, “Boy, have our New Year’s Eves changed!” It’s true, but he also said, “I’d move mountains for my daughter.” We couldn’t agree more. Your life changes… but for the better. Everyone tells you before you have children that you’ll never realize the love you have for something until you have one, but it’s so true. That love is boundless and unconditional. Much like God’s love for us. We couldn’t be more blessed. In spite of the economic crisis of 2008 and how dismal things look money-wise for many (everyone’s feeling the pinch these days), if we stop, pause and think about the blessings that really matter: life, health, children, family and friends, that’s what matters most. Relationships are the most important, and eternal, thing we can have. And for that, we are, without doubt, blessed.

Bailey is a little over 9 weeks old now and is making some baby progress these days – she’s lifting her head up more during her daily ‘tummy time’ and she’s making more ooh and aah sounds, especially with me. She loves to be engaged and talked with. Lately she’s been trying to shove her whole hand in her mouth, even when she’s not hungry, which we think is comical. Her hands are just too big. She’s sucked on 2-3 fingers here and there, so I personally think that once she finds that thumb of hers it might just be over… no more pacifier (which she has a love/hate relationship with anyway). She’s sleeping til at least 4 a.m. consistently, which is better [for us] so we’re starting to create her routine. I’m lucky that she hasn’t gotten her nights and days reversed, so I’m not fighting that battle. She’s also eating very well and is steadily gaining weight. At her last check up she was over 11 lbs., so she’s progressing nicely. She’s 50% percentile for weight and between 50 and 75% percentile for height (that was at 8 weeks).

9 weeks photos


Bailey loves to stretch after a nap!


...And stretch some more!


I'm always thinking...


Uncle Shawn making noises at me, which I love!


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