Little miss personality – 10 weeks old!

Bailey surprised me yesterday. My mom and I were out taking her for a walk around our neighborhood, and some of our neighbors were out walking and came up to the stroller to see her. Well, the woman was wearing rather large black sunglasses, and Bailey took one look at her, got a very scared look on her face, and started crying loudly. Then she looked at me, Momma, for comfort. I got her calmed down, but she did NOT like the lady with the big black glasses! This is the first time she’s ever shown outward fear, which was such a surprise to both my Mom and I. My heart lept in my throat for her because she was so obviously scared and didn’t know what to think. But she recovered and we made it home… even with a few tears.

She’s been napping and sleeping very well this past week, and today marks her 10 week old birthday. She’s such a good baby; so alert and intoxicated with the world around her. She loves to stand and bear weight on her legs, and gets excited when you play with her; Matt can get her pretty riled up and happy now. She also found her ears this week, and has been tugging on them with her long fingers. She has also started grabbing my hair (much to my chagrin) and grasping on to things that are close to her. It’s not quite deliberate yet, but getting close. And of course, she continues to smile and coo up a storm, especially in the morning. She is such a happy girl!


With Nana by the pool


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