A first time for everything

Matt and I went to the BCS National Championship Game last Thursday down in Miami, so it was my first time out without Bailey. Boy, did I miss her! I think I texted my Mom over 20 times or called to make sure she was doing okay. She was, of course, but I couldn’t help myself checking up on her… even during the game. The game was great (a nail biter) and the Gators emerged victorious. Matt was beyond happy, and hoarse on Friday from all the screaming. It was a good time, and all 8 of us went – Marty, lil Alex, my in-laws and Annie and Ben. Friday late morning we came back (after just a few hours of sleep); I couldn’t go much longer without my little girl.

Bailey is changing every day still. She is such a good baby, and is such a sweetie in the mornings. She talks quite a bit, cooing and aahhing, and she loves to be the center of attention in her bouncy seat while you’re making breakfast. She’s eating even more and sleeping consistently at night til 4:30 in the morning now. She also takes a couple great naps during the day, and is starting to learn how to lift her legs up during tummy time on the floor. It probably won’t be long til she figures out how to flip herself over – probably back to tummy first. We’ll have to see. She’s grasping things now – she grabbed the side of Matt’s plate the other night, and she’s grabbing my hair as well. She’s got a good grip, that is for sure! She also loves to stand on her legs and bear her body weight. We can’t believe how strong she is for a 2 month old. She’s so alert and very happy… she’s definitely getting more and more inquisitive about the world around her, and she follows me now with her eyes. So cute!

Here is a picture of her falling asleep during tummy time. She looks so relaxed!


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