12 weeks (3 months) today!

Bailey is 3 months today! Time flies it seems, and so much has happened in her little world this first 12 weeks. We went to the pediatrician’s office today, and she got her shots (we’re on a reduced/lengthened shot schedule). I think her getting pricked hurt Mommy more than it hurt her, though she did scream and cry for a bit. Yet all in all, she’s a trooper and she did well, and after we got home and started feeding, she felt better and settled in for a long nap. (Perfect for a cold, blustery day like today.)

She is close to rolling over – front to back– now. She lifts her little legs tight up to her chest and rocks from side to side. I don’t think she realizes what she’s doing just yet, but it’s so cute nonetheless. She’s also newly fascinated with the music on her baby einstein adventure toy; she loves watching the bright lights and she smiles as each tune on it starts. I hope she’ll enjoy music just as much as I do!


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