13 weeks

Bailey is 13 weeks old as of yesterday. Lots of changes in the last week… she is even more fascinated with putting her hand (whole, preferably) in her mouth, and loves sucking on her four fingers. It’s her own little “hand sandwich.” Matt and I laugh that she hasn’t found her thumb yet. She seems to find a lot of comfort in those fingers! She’s also trying to pull herself to a sitting position, and it’s quite funny because she still doesn’t have full control over the weight of her head. She holds it up pretty well, but doing that and engaging her ab muscles to sit up is a little too much for her at the moment. But she’s concentrating on it hard to try and get herself up. She spent quite a bit of yesterday wanting to do so during her wake time.

This morning, she also laughed. She’s half-giggled a couple of times now, and we weren’t sure if it was a true laugh or not, but this morning I tickled her twice and she laughed both times. It wasn’t a squeal, but definitely delight, and so fun to finally hear. I can’t wait for her to do more of this — it’s a joy to see her happy.

She’s also still trying to stand up. That trend has continued, and she holds her arms out while she bears weight on her feet to try and keep her balance. I think she’s going to crawl and walk early, which scares me a little (’cause I’m not quite ready for it). Matt says we’ll have to put her in sports at a young age; she has a lot of energy.


I'm so happy to be going out for my walk!


My lips are sealed...


Ahhh... so nice to wake up happy after a nap!


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