14 weeks!

Bailey is 14 weeks old today… I can’t believe it. She’s growing so fast. She’s changing almost every day and hitting new milestones in her growth. Today she flipped over for the first time, back to tummy. We managed to get it on video. I can’t believe she’s already turning over. Once she’s on her tummy she doesn’t know how to flip back, but she’s doing one side fairly well. Once she’s on her tummy she’ll put her arms underneath her chest and push up so her head is up. Then she can see all around her. She loves it. She’s trying to scoot around and explore her world.

She’s still trying to pull herself up into a sitting position as well. She’ll sit on my lap and try to lean forward. She still doesn’t have enough muscular control to sustain herself and hold her head up at the same time, but the fact that she’s even attempting all this at this juncture is amazing, in my opinion. I think she’s going to be a very mobile child once she figures it all out. She’s definitely going to keep Mommy on her toes!

She slept through the night til 7 a.m. several nights last week, but she’s back to waking up between 5 and 5:15 a.m. now, scarfing down a meal quickly. I have a feeling we’re going to be adding rice cereal to her night meal soon in order to hold her over a little longer. She seems to have a fast metabolism!

The final and most exciting milestone for her is laughing. She’s giggled several times now; she loves when Daddy does his “earthquake” hand movements when she’s in her crib, and she laughed out loud 3 times last night before her bath when Daddy tickled her. (I had already found her ticklish spots, so it wasn’t hard to coax her laugh out.) Her laugh is contagious and very cute! It melts your heart to see your child giddy with joy.


I'm ready to go, Mommy!


Look at me holding up my head!


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