Rollover queen

Bailey has been rolling over all this week, and enjoying every minute of it! She rotates back to tummy (usually preferring her left over her right side) and she immediately props her arms up under herself to push her head up. She’s exploring her world and taking in all life has to offer. She is such an inquisitive and curious little girl! She’s also been laughing more this week, which we love. Her giggles are hysterical; it makes me cry because I’m laughing so hard when I hear her exclaim her joy. She seems to think me saying, “Sugar booga” over and over again is funny. She gets a huge grin on her face and then starts welling up in a little giggle. It doesn’t last long, but it makes my heart jump for joy every time she does it. We live for these precious moments!

She’s still getting up between 4:30 and 5 a.m. some mornings, and sleeping til 6 or 7 a.m. on others. It just depends. She’s eating a lot at night, so I think she’s waking up because her diaper is soaked. I’m not sure. Hopefully once she starts a little bit of solids she’ll stretch a bit more and sleep a little later, which would be nice.

She got to see Grandpa yesterday and he took lots of cute photos of her which we’ll post once I get them back. She was smiling and enjoying her time with him, as she always does. She has had fun with Daddy this morning; she loves exploring new things with him and having him lift her up in the air like “Superbaby.”


Who me? I didn't do it! It was the cat, I swear!


I love sucking my hands!


I can roll over all by myself!


Why are you taking so many pictures of me, Mommy?


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