15 weeks

Bailey is 15 weeks today… the weeks continue to fly by and she’s getting bigger. Matt and I notice our arms getting tired more quickly with each passing day; our girl is getting heavier! She’s such a great eater and has a fantastic disposition. She lets you know if she’s hungry or tired, but otherwise she’s a very happy little girl.

She’s taking more interest in the things around her now – she’s grabbing, clutching and grasping things, and of course tries to pull everything towards her mouth. Each day holds a new discovery as her senses continue to develop and she explores her world. It is such a treasure watching her take in the world with every touch, breath, gaze and stare. Bailey is giggling more and is now very ticklish! Her tickle points are under her arms and neck; she will sometimes cackle if you goose her. It’s so adorable.

She’s still rolling over every day, but is frustrated because she can’t flip back over from her stomach. She tries and tries but still hasn’t figured out how to maneuver her legs and weight to rotate her body fully. I know she’ll probably get it in the next couple of weeks.

Next week is her 4 month check up so we’ll see what the doctor says about how she’s progressing. I imagine he’ll have her start on some rice solids as well since she’s eating so much. I can’t wait for her to try solid foods and taste fresh produce. One day she will really enjoy Daddy’s citrus… especially this time of year!

15 weeks pictures:


Happy, smiley girl!


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