4 months!

Bailey is 4 months old today. I say it over and over again so I sound like a broken record, but it is all happening so fast. Each day brings change and growth; our little girl is so full of inquisitive wonder and curiousity. This past week she has started laughing more; she got a kick out of Matt making faces at her over the weekend and began giggling at him. It was so precious. Then today before we took our walk, I was talking to her in the stroller and leaning over and making faces at her, and she started laughing loudly. I was crying I was laughing so hard… with her. It’s adorable moments like these when your child comes alive with joy that make you want to stop time and cherish the moment forever.

Bailey is also turning over, and she’s turning into a very determined little girl. She got that from me, her mom, I suppose. We put a new crib toy with a mirror up, and she has been kicking the beejeesus out of it. She purses her lips together tightly and unwinds her arms so they are fully extended, and off she goes, kick.. kick… kick. It’s funny to watch – she’s so serious! Thank goodness she can’t break it (yet).

We see the pediatrician next week. I hope he’s going to clear her for rice cereal as she’s eating a lot. I can’t keep up with our little bee! She’s sleeping now til about 5 a.m. consistently, so the 3 a.m. days are hopefully over (I say that now and have probably jinxed myself).

16 weeks (4 months) pictures:


More kisses for me, Mommy!


I love my hand... and my organic monkey!


Who you lookin' at?


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