Playing footsie

Bailey has found her feet. It’s so funny! When she’s on the changing table, she’ll curl her legs up towards her chest and grab her left food with her left hand. It’s hilarious. She also grabs her feet when she’s in her bouncy seat, and she loves to try and pull them towards her [mouth].

She’s still laughing quite a bit and she found it funny yesterday when I played a game of peek-a-boo by hiding behind the shade on her stroller. She started cracking up. It was priceless!

She’s now starting to get some separation anxiety. Our neighbors stopped by yesterday on the way out and one of our neighbors wanted to hold her, so I gave her to Bonnie but she immediately freaked and started squawling. She was looking for me and didn’t want to be held by someone else, as if to say, “Mommy, why are you handing me over to this lady?” I felt bad, but I know this is normal and to be expected. It’ll probably intensify over the next few months, but she’ll eventually settle into meeting new people. She’s normally pretty outgoing, so this is a change.

In other news, we’ve started rice cereal! She is pushing a lot of it out (I’ve tried it and it tastes like chalk – ugh!) but I scoop it up and put it back in her mouth. She’s trying to suck on the spoon, which is too cute. It’s going to take her a few weeks to get used to this thing called eating, but we’ll get there. Eventually once we move on to fruits and veggies I think she’ll enjoy the new tastes and sensations of food in her mouth. We can’t wait to watch her experience it all. And of course, it’ll be organic if her daddy has any say!


I've found my foot! Whoo hoo!


My first solids!


I'm not sure about all this, mommy. What is this spoon thing?


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