Head, shoulders, knees toes

Bailey is 18 weeks this week and getting bigger with each passing day. She is all about her body at this moment; she explores her face with her hands, grabs her feet (and looks like a crab when she does it), touches her head and tries to pull off her ears. In addition, she is still all things mouth, which is typical of most babies. She can now get her whole fist in her mouth. Thank goodness it’s attached to her arm or I think she’d try and swallow it!

She’s rolling over both ways and now is pushing up further on her arms. The last couple of days I’ve seen her bring her legs up underneath her belly in an attempt to get up. She’s not strong enough yet, but I’m guessing this is the beginning of what will be a mobile baby! I’m not ready for her to start crawling yet, but babies move at their own speed (pun intended).

Bailey is doing better with her rice cereal this week. She’s starting to open her mouth when I bring the spoon towards her, and while she’s still spitting some out, she’s becoming more accustomed to swallowing. I’ve ordered some Earth’s Best organic baby food for her, so when that gets here she’ll have some other new tastes to savor and figure out. She’s slept through the night (til 6 a.m.) the last couple of nights so that’s been a big plus. All in all, it’s been a good week!


It's my toy, Mommy!


Yippee! I can roll over!


I'm practicing my stretching now. See? I can touch my toes!


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