Eat my feet!

Bailey is all about her feet this week. She’s still playing with them, but over the last couple of days she’s been pulling them into her mouth. It’s hilarious. We also have been calling her the “rollover queen” because as soon as you put her down on her back – no matter where you put her – she rolls over. Last night I laid her on her back to go to sleep, and when I went into her room an hour later to check on her, she had rolled over. Then, at 2 a.m. she started ‘singing’ to herself and we checked on her and she had rolled over AGAIN. Then at 5:30 when she woke up hungry she had once again flipped. It was very busy night for our little bee!

I put together her Baby Einstein discovery gym today and she loves it, as expected. It’s fun to watch her bewilderment at all the colorful toys and objects that serve a purpose. She’s starting to connect the dots and put it all together, which I just love. She also laughs now whenever you tickle her, and she finds even some of the most mundane tasks (like folding laundry) funny for some reason. There’s never a dull moment!


I can grab BOTH of my feet at the same time!


Feet are so cool!


Look at all these toys I can play with!


Yippee! Playtime!


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