Chunky Monkey at 19 weeks

Bailey is 19 weeks this week and is our little chunky monkey! She’s such a great eater, but the baby fat is definitely piling on. Her legs are like little jelly donuts, and we tease her that she has snickers bars in her cheeks, because they’re always so full and cute. It’s no surprise to me that she’s like this, especially since her Daddy’s nickname was “moose” when he was her age. I’ve no doubt she’ll lose it later, but for now, she’s our little butterball turkey.

She continues to impress us with her developing skills. She’s starting to really like books, and she’s enjoying the sounds on her new Baby Einstein jumper/toy. She’s also starting to sing along with us when we sing to her. Not in the same pitch yet, but she ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ right along with you. She also likes to play peek-a-boo in her stroller with me, and she loves to lay on the rug in her room on a blanket and roll, roll, roll and roll. Finally, she’s trying to scoot and leverage herself to where she can sit up on her own, but she’s still a few weeks away from that yet. She doesn’t have the side to side control to stabilize herself, but she’s working on it. We love her so much and she’s a joy. This week, we’re also going to start her on bananas, so we’ll see how she likes the taste of them!


Look at me, I can prop myself up!


It's not time for naptime, is it? Please no!


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