5 months old

I’m beginning to believe teeth are not far away for Bailey. She is chewing, and drooling, and chewing, and drooling. Constantly. The pediatrician said at her checkup a few weeks ago that teeth were not immediately on the horizon, but you never know. I haven’t felt anything or seen any glimpse of a tooth coming out, but she’s showing the signs that they are not far away.

In other news, she’s now grasping and reaching for objects with definite desire. Banana peels, paper bags… whatever we’re into, she’s into. She loves to try and grab the placemats off the table, and she loves holding her spoon. This week we’ve tried green peas from Earth’s Best Organic, and she likes them! She didn’t resist peas as much as she did bananas, interestingly enough.

We’re also welcoming the fact that most all week, she’s slept through the night until 6 or 7! How great to get a full night’s sleep! She woke up once this week at 2:45 a.m., but put herself back to sleep. She’s also napping pretty well during the day as long as I keep her on her routine.


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