22 weeks (5 1/2 months)

Bailey is getting bigger and bigger. We call her our little inchworm now, because she digs her head into the floor, curls her legs up under her stomach, and inches forward. It’s so funny because she wants to be mobile so badly, but she’s not figured it all out yet.

She is grasping at everything now – kitchen utensils, placemats, hair, noses, mouths, ears, her own feet, tags (on almost anything), etc. She especially loves the tags on all her toys. She sucks them dry! She’s also loving the fact that she can pick up her ball and throw it on the floor. She takes huge delight in ’cause and effect.’

She’s now eating sweet potatoes, peas, pears, apples and bananas. She prefers the sweetness of fruit, but she’s learning to like other foods as well. She’s a big eater and if you don’t get the spoon in her mouth fast enough she gets frustrated a little with you.

In other news she is squealing now, and is loving the sound of her own voice. It’s fun to watch her make new sounds and watch her face as she discovers her own capabilities. I’m sure this is the start of many months of vocal practice!


All smiles after breakfast!




Having fun with Mommy