Bailey is very curious about everything this week. My shirt, earrings, silverware… She wants to touch the keyboard, the remote (oh no Daddy!), the phone, etc. She’s discovering more and more about the world around her, as all babies do.

She’s had a hard time with her morning nap this week. I’m partly to blame, as people have been in and out of the house doing things and that keeps her fascinated, and it’s a less conducive environment for dreamland. She wants to be UP and in the middle of things. I guess the positive thing is that by the afternoon, she hits the hay hard, and sleeps for a nice long nap. But I know she needs her sleep because by noon she’s rubbing her eyes, yawning and is fussy.

She loves to be tickled, too. And this morning, I said to her, “There is nothing funny about cleaning your hiney,” and she exploded into laughter. I think she knew what I was saying. Figures!


You talkin' to me?


Out for a stroll


Fun time on mommy's bed!


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