23 weeks

It’s been a fun week so far with Bailey! She had a great weekend and got to meet a new playmate, Emmi! She and Emmi had a great time together, and overall, Bailey was very intrigued with her new friend. It’s so fun to watch babies interact with each other! I know as she gets older, she’ll love having ‘play dates’ more and more.

Bailey is now starting to look more like her daddy, especially in the eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful deep blue, and they seem to be getting bluer with time now. She’s got these long eyelashes — this girl won’t need mascara (boy is she lucky!). She’s also growing and we notice now that when she’s in her Einstein playground/jumper, her feet touch the floor and she can stand up supported with flat feet. They grow so quickly!

She’s starting to get more stranger anxiety these days. It’s normal and to be expected, but she even cried when she saw her Nana this week, which was surprising. I think she’s having a harder time with men than women, but that remains to be seen.

In other news, she’s throwing things on the floor, eating more foods, sleeping longer at night (hooray!) and is inching around the room on her tummy. It’s been a good few days! We go see her pediatrician next week for her 6 mo. checkup, so we’ll see how much she’s grown. I’ll report back, of course.

Thanks to Dana Kelly for taking these amazing photos!


Hi, world!


Whoah! That was cool!


Lovin' life wtih Daddy


Sweet pumpkin


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