25 weeks

Bailey went to see her pediatrician today. She did really well during her visit, and didn’t cry during her shots at all. She weighs 17.4 lbs. and is 27 1/4 inches, which puts her in the 75th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height. She met all her skills markers, and is right on track with eating, sleeping, playing, etc. Her pediatrician said we can now start cooking our own baby foods for her (which is a thrill to her organically minded daddy, who is growing fresh veggies in Earth boxes for her), and she can also start getting flouride now that she’s 6 months old. He also said that she will keep her baby blue eyes, as eye color is pretty much set. This was good news for her Daddy, who wanted her to have his blues.

Bailey has been very vocal the last couple of days — she’s cooing, squealing, and babbling on and on in her own little language. She’s also taking her toys and purposely dropping them (and loves to watch you pick them back up). She’s also developed a newfound love for her pacifier. She’s never really been interested in it til now, because now she can control it herself. She takes it out, puts in in, takes it out, puts it in. We laugh watching her suck on it. She looks like a little prairie dog in her crib now when you walk in and she’s pushed up on her arms with her binky in her mouth. Hilarious.

The other big news is that she is now up on all fours and is rocking back and forth. She scoots backwards, too, so she is definitely on her way to crawling. She’s so curious about everything, so it’s only a matter of days now, not weeks! Here I come, world!


Just hangin' out, waiting for my snack!


Mommy is loving on me


Yippee! I'm flying!


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