Water baby

Bailey had her first trip to the pool this weekend. We have a pool at home, but we wanted to go up to the NTC and take her in the kids area to play. She loved it! She tried to grab the water over and over again, and once she figured out how to splash, it was all over. She also kicked like crazy when we went a little deeper. I have a feeling we’ll be in the water all summer! She had such a great time, and slept very well that night since she was so worn out from playing!

Last week she also had a playdate with her new friend Madie. Madie is a year older, but Bailey enjoyed watching her toddle around and climb on things. I know she can’t wait until she can get on her own two feet and explore!

Bailey is also getting closer to crawling; she’s scooting a bit more, and is like a ‘top’ — her belly is so chunky she can lay on it and spin around. We get such a kick out of watching her play on the floor and explore things for the first time. She has a newfound fascination with our cat, too, and she laughs when he comes around. Ahhh… the joys of experiencing ‘life’ for the first time!


Are we ready to go to the pool, daddy?


Yippee! I love the water!


Oooh, this is fun!


Hangin' out with Daddy


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