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Bailey’s first vacation

Bailey went on her first vacation during her first Memorial Day weekend. She had a great time! We left Friday for Sarasota Beach, where we stayed at the Ritz. She was a great little traveler going down, and slept part of the way. We checked into the Ritz, and she was immediately fascinated by EVERYTHING in our hotel room. Mommy went to the Ritz Spa for some much needed relaxation time in the afternoon (ahhh!) while Bailey took her afternoon nap. That night, we had sushi at the hotel’s restaurant, where Bailey did great as long as she had a spoon to play with!

Nights were hard for our little sugar pie. She did not do well at all with the rollaway crib the hotel had, or the pack and play we brought. After waking up every couple of hours to attend to our poor screaming and crying child, we figured out she was just scared and wanted to be near Mom and Dad. So I put her on my chest, or Matt would put her on his, and she’d immediately fall asleep. (We learned our lesson the first night after waking up incessantly, and the second night after she woke up scared we just let her in the bed with us.) Once she fell asleep we’d put her down between us… and she didn’t make a peep. And, in the morning when she woke up, she was very smiley and happy to see Mommy and Daddy right there, as you can imagine!

Saturday she spent the day with new friends: Kasey, Kevin and their little 4 month old girl, Kasin, and Tom & Susan and their kids Jack (3) and Brooke (7 mo., and 5 days older than Bailey). They all had a great time! The Ritz has this awesome members-only beach club that is incredibly kid friendly (thanks for the tip, Keely!), and the babies had a ball. The pool was awesome and the wait staff was friendly and attentive. The food was wonderful, too. Bailey and her new gal pals enjoyed the pool. Bailey and Brooke went down to the ocean at the end of the day, which was just steps from the pool area, and Brooke loved the waves. Bailey… not so much. She was afraid and was happier clinging to Mommy. (All in due time!)

Saturday night we all had dinner at Keely & Steve’s new restaurant, the Riverhouse Reef & Grille, which we highly recommend. The seafood was very fresh and tasty. The babies all did great, and it was a breeze getting Bailey to bed after her fun-filled day.

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Aunt Mary & Uncle Mark, relatives of Matt’s who we ran into at the Ritz enjoying some R&R of their own. It was great seeing you guys, and thanks for hanging out with us at breakfast! Then we went to lunch with Tom, Susan and their kids and Keely and her two girls, Kerrigan and Katarina. After lunch it was time to head back, but we did a little shopping at the outlets first.

All in all, it was a great weekend and Bailey really enjoyed herself! Enjoy some pics from her first vacation below.


I'm not sure about this crib...


Hangin' out in the hotel room


Hello Aunt Mary... you here for some R&R too?


I love the pool!


Kasey & Kasin (4 months), Bailey's new friends!


Susan & Brooke (7 months), who I enjoyed sharing toys with!


The college buddies (Kevin (left), Tom (center) now all have girls...


Yippee! I love it here!


I'm not so sure about this big ocean...


Hmmm. Still not sure.


After dinner with the girls


Coffee and the paper after a long night...


Aunt Mary, I like you!


With Uncle Mark & Aunt Mary after breakfast


Family picture!


Whoo hoo! This is fun!


Keely and my new friend Katarina


It's been fun Mommy, but I need a nap!


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Crawling, crawling everywhere

Well, it’s official. Our little peanut has figured out how to crawl. She is motoring everywhere you let her go — under her crib, around her room, in our bedroom, in the kitchen, etc. She is into everything and is trying to pull up and stand every chance she gets. And she just turned 7 months old. Where did the time go? She’s still talking up a storm, too, and is in everyone’s business, wanting to know what’s going on. She can’t miss a second! She peers and looks at anyone who comes into a room, and she’s curious about what people are doing — it doesn’t matter what it is!

She had a fun weekend in the pool, and also visiting with friends. Friday night we went to a Thai restaurant and she got to see her friend Emmi who is 10 months old; Saturday night she got to see our friends Steve and Gina, who fawned all over her (Gina, we’ll take you up on your offer to babysit soon!), and she loved Gina especially — she was smiling so big for her! And Sunday she got to meet my friend Heather, who she also really enjoyed. It was a busy weekend for a our little bee!


Look at me, mommy!


What did you say?


Happy girl!


I'm ready to go see my friends!

Lastly, below are a couple photos from her recent photoshoot with Nathan & Jensey from Root Photography ( We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!


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Bailey’s dedication ( Mother’s day)

Bailey was dedicated to the Lord yesterday, which was Mother’s Day. What an awesome Mother’s Day gift! She was great, and when we went up on stage, she just scanned the room of faces in the congregation, taking it all in. She wasn’t the least bit scared at all! The pastor prayed for all the babies and both parents and the congregation commited to raising our children up in Christian homes. It was great to see so many babies and parents committing to God.

Mother’s Day was wonderful; Bailey got mommy some pretty jewelry from Brighton, and we spent the day with Nana, Granny, Marty (Bailey’s godmother), Annie, Mary Elaine and all the husbands and 15 kids. It was great! Lunch was super, where we enjoyed each other’s company, and in the afternoon everyone went over to Marty’s to wakeboard, play in the lake or pool, and barbeque. All in all, a great day! The weather was ridiculously hot, but it was fun nonetheless. Bailey played in the lake and the pool, and loved the water. She kept trying to grab the water, and was kicking like crazy… she’s definitely our little water baby! She had a great time interacting with all her cousins, and really enjoys playing with them. We have a great family, and are so blessed! What a wonderful first Mother’s Day for us together!


Happy Mother's Day!


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She said “mama” – 27 weeks

Bailey said “mama” for the first time this week! It was so precious. It melted my heart. She’s been saying “dada” for a few days now, but I was really waiting for the “mama.” So sweet. What a wonderful sound any mother likes to hear… especially as a prologue to Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday.

Bailey has had a good week. She’s been scooting and getting around and into everything, so curious about her world, as always. She’s still enamored with the cat, and is now into all things electronic (phones, remotes, blackberrys, ack!).

We had her 6 month photos taken this week with Nathan & Jensey from Root Photography. We can’t wait to see the results. We took several shots in the groves, and some near water and on a dock. It was a beautiful day, and Bailey did really well — not much fussiness at all. When we get our proofs, we’ll put up a link.

This weekend will be really special — it’s my first Mother’s Day (officially), and I know it’ll be a memorable one. Bailey gets dedicated in church this weekend in front of Real Life’s congregation, and a lot of family are coming: both sets of grandparents, and Bailey’s godmother, Marty. Shawn is Bailey’s godfather, but sadly he’s in L.A. so he’ll miss out. We promise to take lots of pictures though, Uncle Shawn!


Nana, what did you put on top of my head?


Hurry up and change me! I got things to do!


Whatcha thinkin'?


Just hangin', mama!


I'm starting my driving lessons early.

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Babble, babble, babble

Bailey is non-stop talking these days! She is quite the little social bee, and she loves to talk to herself, or anyone who will listen. She loved seeing her cousins this weekend, and was especially taken with Zach, who played and talked to her. She’s also still infatuated with our cat, and starts laughing every time his tail tickles her feet.

Bailey has taken a couple official crawl steps, but they’re still sparse. I know as the days progress she’ll get more sure of herself. She’s also eating more foods now that I make for her – organic squash, spinach, blueberries and bananas, just to name a few. She absolutely LOVES apples, and loves to suck on her spoon!

Here she is talking up a storm!


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