She said “mama” – 27 weeks

Bailey said “mama” for the first time this week! It was so precious. It melted my heart. She’s been saying “dada” for a few days now, but I was really waiting for the “mama.” So sweet. What a wonderful sound any mother likes to hear… especially as a prologue to Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday.

Bailey has had a good week. She’s been scooting and getting around and into everything, so curious about her world, as always. She’s still enamored with the cat, and is now into all things electronic (phones, remotes, blackberrys, ack!).

We had her 6 month photos taken this week with Nathan & Jensey from Root Photography. We can’t wait to see the results. We took several shots in the groves, and some near water and on a dock. It was a beautiful day, and Bailey did really well — not much fussiness at all. When we get our proofs, we’ll put up a link.

This weekend will be really special — it’s my first Mother’s Day (officially), and I know it’ll be a memorable one. Bailey gets dedicated in church this weekend in front of Real Life’s congregation, and a lot of family are coming: both sets of grandparents, and Bailey’s godmother, Marty. Shawn is Bailey’s godfather, but sadly he’s in L.A. so he’ll miss out. We promise to take lots of pictures though, Uncle Shawn!


Nana, what did you put on top of my head?


Hurry up and change me! I got things to do!


Whatcha thinkin'?


Just hangin', mama!


I'm starting my driving lessons early.


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