Bailey’s dedication ( Mother’s day)

Bailey was dedicated to the Lord yesterday, which was Mother’s Day. What an awesome Mother’s Day gift! She was great, and when we went up on stage, she just scanned the room of faces in the congregation, taking it all in. She wasn’t the least bit scared at all! The pastor prayed for all the babies and both parents and the congregation commited to raising our children up in Christian homes. It was great to see so many babies and parents committing to God.

Mother’s Day was wonderful; Bailey got mommy some pretty jewelry from Brighton, and we spent the day with Nana, Granny, Marty (Bailey’s godmother), Annie, Mary Elaine and all the husbands and 15 kids. It was great! Lunch was super, where we enjoyed each other’s company, and in the afternoon everyone went over to Marty’s to wakeboard, play in the lake or pool, and barbeque. All in all, a great day! The weather was ridiculously hot, but it was fun nonetheless. Bailey played in the lake and the pool, and loved the water. She kept trying to grab the water, and was kicking like crazy… she’s definitely our little water baby! She had a great time interacting with all her cousins, and really enjoys playing with them. We have a great family, and are so blessed! What a wonderful first Mother’s Day for us together!


Happy Mother's Day!


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