Bailey’s first vacation

Bailey went on her first vacation during her first Memorial Day weekend. She had a great time! We left Friday for Sarasota Beach, where we stayed at the Ritz. She was a great little traveler going down, and slept part of the way. We checked into the Ritz, and she was immediately fascinated by EVERYTHING in our hotel room. Mommy went to the Ritz Spa for some much needed relaxation time in the afternoon (ahhh!) while Bailey took her afternoon nap. That night, we had sushi at the hotel’s restaurant, where Bailey did great as long as she had a spoon to play with!

Nights were hard for our little sugar pie. She did not do well at all with the rollaway crib the hotel had, or the pack and play we brought. After waking up every couple of hours to attend to our poor screaming and crying child, we figured out she was just scared and wanted to be near Mom and Dad. So I put her on my chest, or Matt would put her on his, and she’d immediately fall asleep. (We learned our lesson the first night after waking up incessantly, and the second night after she woke up scared we just let her in the bed with us.) Once she fell asleep we’d put her down between us… and she didn’t make a peep. And, in the morning when she woke up, she was very smiley and happy to see Mommy and Daddy right there, as you can imagine!

Saturday she spent the day with new friends: Kasey, Kevin and their little 4 month old girl, Kasin, and Tom & Susan and their kids Jack (3) and Brooke (7 mo., and 5 days older than Bailey). They all had a great time! The Ritz has this awesome members-only beach club that is incredibly kid friendly (thanks for the tip, Keely!), and the babies had a ball. The pool was awesome and the wait staff was friendly and attentive. The food was wonderful, too. Bailey and her new gal pals enjoyed the pool. Bailey and Brooke went down to the ocean at the end of the day, which was just steps from the pool area, and Brooke loved the waves. Bailey… not so much. She was afraid and was happier clinging to Mommy. (All in due time!)

Saturday night we all had dinner at Keely & Steve’s new restaurant, the Riverhouse Reef & Grille, which we highly recommend. The seafood was very fresh and tasty. The babies all did great, and it was a breeze getting Bailey to bed after her fun-filled day.

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Aunt Mary & Uncle Mark, relatives of Matt’s who we ran into at the Ritz enjoying some R&R of their own. It was great seeing you guys, and thanks for hanging out with us at breakfast! Then we went to lunch with Tom, Susan and their kids and Keely and her two girls, Kerrigan and Katarina. After lunch it was time to head back, but we did a little shopping at the outlets first.

All in all, it was a great weekend and Bailey really enjoyed herself! Enjoy some pics from her first vacation below.


I'm not sure about this crib...


Hangin' out in the hotel room


Hello Aunt Mary... you here for some R&R too?


I love the pool!


Kasey & Kasin (4 months), Bailey's new friends!


Susan & Brooke (7 months), who I enjoyed sharing toys with!


The college buddies (Kevin (left), Tom (center) now all have girls...


Yippee! I love it here!


I'm not so sure about this big ocean...


Hmmm. Still not sure.


After dinner with the girls


Coffee and the paper after a long night...


Aunt Mary, I like you!


With Uncle Mark & Aunt Mary after breakfast


Family picture!


Whoo hoo! This is fun!


Keely and my new friend Katarina


It's been fun Mommy, but I need a nap!


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