31 weeks

Bailey is crawling everywhere now and her modus operandi is standing. She will try and pull up on almost anything! She’s having a hard time napping because all she wants to do is try and stand in her crib. She’s had a couple run-ins with the floor as of late, too, which has resulted in a few boo boos (she has a strained trap muscle at the moment she’s favoring, according to our pediatrician). So, our little daredevil is definitely exploring her world!

Bailey is laughing up a storm and loves it when Daddy throws things up in the air and catches them. She also LOVES the pool; she’s our little water baby! She is a fashionista in her new Gymboree suits, and enjoys the pool float we got her. I have a feeling that’s where we’ll be all summer long!

This past Sunday we met up with our friends Jenny & Darrell (owners of Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux) at Mimi’s Cafe in Winter Garden. It was so good to see you both and we miss seeing you! Bailey enjoyed you holding her, Jenny Jen! You guys will make great parents someday!

Bailey has her 8 month checkup coming up (has it been 8 months already? Time flies.). We’ll have to see where she is in the height and weight department. We’ll keep you posted!


Getting ready for sleepytime!


With Jenny Jen & Darrell... come babysit me anytime, Aunt Jenny!




Just hangin' out!


Gotta have my Uncle Matt's in the morning!


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