Sleepytime routine – 31 weeks

For the last couple of weeks (and mainly since Bailey has started crawling), our little peanut has not wanted to nap during the day. So we’ve had to employ some high-level strategies (not really high level, we’re just into outsmarting the situation) in order to make it conducive for her to rest, since she needs it! Husband got a sleep shade this week, and installed it under her blinds. It allows us to fake night during the day now, and helps her relax more. We’re also diligently keeping a routine so she gets naps twice a day, and we’re sticking to the schedule as much as possible. It seems to be working.

My sister-in-law, Marty, who has 5 kids, has urged us to not back down on the naps. She let all of her kids ‘cry it out’ and they are all great sleepers now. She said that Bailey has to learn to self-soothe and put herself to sleep. It’s hard hearing/watching your child cry, but it’s necessary. Some days are harder than others, but I know we’re doing what’s best for her. Matt has an easier time with it than I do; I guess it’s a mother’s instinct to always want to comfort her baby.

Day one of the new shade and it’s Baby=0, Parents=1. She has slept almost 3 hours this morning and is going on 1 hour this afternoon. Yippee! Better yet, she woke up very happy at lunchtime, and was a chipper baby. I’m sure all parents who have battled a child not wanting to nap have experienced the same relief when the child finally DOES nap and is in a better mood.

In other news, she is loving her books this week. I think she’s starting to figure out the shapes on the pages, and she’s responding to them, especially if they have bright colors. She seems to particularly like anything with a cat on it, but that doesn’t surprise me, since she’s enamored with our furball.

Here are some pics from this week!


Watching Mommy cook dinner


Chewin' on my toy


I love playing with boxes!


What is this thing?


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