She loves the camera!

We were so thrilled to get some of our proofs back from Root Photography this week. For those of you who don’t know, they took Bailey’s 6 month old photos, and we love their playful style and different approach to photography. Well, we couldn’t be happier with the results so far… we’ll have a hard time choosing which photos we should get! (Decisions, decisions!) Below are a few photos from that day.

To give you an update on our little bean, she is continuing to show her curious nature, and loves being “in everyone’s business” no matter what it is. She has discovered the toilet, which means leaning over and watching the water go down the drain (I’m waiting for the day when she tries to dive in). She loves watching other babies at church, and has everyone in the cry room cracking up with her antics. I can see her future progress reports from her teachers now… “Bailey is a great student but she has a hard time sitting in her chair because she is so curious about what others are doing…” Ahhh!!!!

She’s crawling more now, and is making greater treks across the house. She has no fear of anything, even though she’s gotten a little more cautious about how to set her bum back down once she’s pulled up on a piece of furniture. A couple of good bumps cured that. She loves the cat (still) and is enthralled every time he comes in the room. She makes adorable ‘razzing’ and gleeful sounds when he passes her by.

Daddy took her in the pool this past weekend, which she loved, and she is now curious about the squirrels and lizards outside. It’s fascinating to watch because everything is new to her. Every day of life brings new amazement. We should all try and live that way. How precious life is!


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