Where’s Bailey?

… The answer to that question is… everywhere! She has discovered her crawling legs, and our busy bee is getting into everything. She’s fascinated with picture frames, artwork, lint on the floor (ahhh!), pillows, the rug, the tile, electric outlets (much to my chagrin), you name it. She loves to pull herself up on anything that will support her weight and she rocks back and forth on her feet.

We also discovered that she loves sitting on top of Daddy’s shoulders and being chased, or being part of the chase. She laughs and shreiks. It is so stinkin’ cute! She also laughs when you play peek-a-boo with her, and Matt and I have this little dance we do with her and she smiles and laughs every time we do it. We’ll do anything to make her smile and laugh!

This last week has brought a lot of drama. Bailey broke out in hives due to several mosquito bites. It’s apparently common, but it was not fun seeing welts all over her little body! She also caught a cold from her Daddy, and her nose is a faucet. She hates being cleaned up, so it’s a challenge keeping her clean so she doesn’t continually reinfect herself. Alas, the cold is not stopping her from getting into things, though. She still has enough energy for that!


I love the pool!


I'm on the go...




Hello, world!


Yes, my hair really does stand up like this on it's own. Don't you want my hairstyle?


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