Sticky fingers

Bailey is turning into a marathon crawler. She can crawl across the whole house (she likes to chase my leopard-patterned slippers), and she is negotiating the tile, rugs, etc. very well. She has found the trash can this week, and loves banging on its stainless steel surface. It’s the greatest thing for her. She also likes paper napkins (she loves crumbling them up and then using them underneath her palm to scoot across the tile) and the Gerber Organic plastic food containers — she has played forever with the lids and bottoms! I guess you don’t need expensive toys. Pots and pans, tupperware and old spoons will do.

She’s doing better with her napping this week, though at times it’s a bit of struggle to get her to relax and lie down. But she’s getting used to the idea that Mommy is going to put her down when it’s time to nap, and that means you need to go to sleep. Sometimes she fusses, but she’s having a better time of it (at least this week).

She’s feeling better now. The rash is gone from her mosquito bite breakout, and her runny nose/cold/cough has abated as well, so she’s back to her perky self.

Here are some pictures from today’s escapades!


Hello, Momma!


Now hurry up and fix my lunch!


Man oh man, was it yummy!


I saved room for dessert, I promise!


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