Teeth on their way

Bailey is having a pretty good week thus far, though she’s been a bit tired and restless lately because her teeth are making their appearance. She has one top tooth and two bottom teeth that are very close to breaking the gum line. The top tooth seems to be coming in first. I can’t believe my baby is getting her first teeth! No more gum-laden cutie!

She has also been testing her balance skills the last few days. She will stand up, hold herself steady, then attempt to let go and balance. When she does it she stands perfectly still, and smiles at you as if to say, “Look at me, I’m getting closer to walking now!” It’s so cute. She’s discovered all kinds of things the last few days — how to open cabinet doors, the interesting sounds in the toilet, how to chase the cat and keep up, and how to pull plugs. (Yikes!)

She’s been napping better the last couple of days, which is good. I think she’s been pretty tired. The teething has brought on a runny nose and congestion, which wears her out. But she’s still got a good demeanor and seems to be handling it all in stride. Here are some of the latest pictures.


I know my toy is under there, somewhere!




Just here for a ride


Future Uncle Matt's inspector


Can I go outside now?


Hi world!


This is SO much fun!


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