8 months

Bailey is 8 months old this week, hooray! She has 4 teeth coming in. Two are on top, two on the bottom. She’s been a little fussy and congested the last few days due to their appearance. We’re keeping her on the Hylands Teething Tablets to help her feel better. They seem to be working.

In other news, Bailey is now standing up and letting go. She can stay on her feet, completely balanced, for quite a few seconds before she gives it up and sits down. It’s so funny to watch her concentrate on this new skill! She’s quite determined and is making efforts to stand alone more and more. She’s even stood up on her own now without pulling up on anything first. Here we go! I have a feeling she may be like my brother and run everywhere once she gets her legs going. We’ll have fun trying to keep up with her!

She’s eating and napping fairly well, and loves apples, pears, blueberries and plums. Fruits are definitely her favorite. She doesn’t like peas very much, but seems to like green beans, sweet potatoes and corn. We’ve tried giving her fresh watermelon in a mesh feeder but she doesn’t really know what to make of it. All in due time!


Let's see... what's behind drawer #3?


I'm not getting into anything, I promise!


See my new teeth coming in!


What do we do now?


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