Loving the sand and surf!


All American 4th of July Girl

Bailey is having such a good time at the beach this week! When we first got here, she really wasn’t sure about the rush of the ocean waves or the crashing sound of the breakers, but by Day 3 she has definitely jumped in with both feet! She is so adorable crawling along the shoreline, discovering sea shells, lapping/tasting the water (and sand!) like a dog and enjoying the waves. She has been intrigued by a gopher turtle, fascinated by pelicans, and is interested in all the children playing in the water.

She loves the condo we’re renting. The carpet is a new thing for her since we have no carpet in our house. She crawls everywhere and is into everything — she’s pulling open cabinet doors, pulling cable wiring from behind the DVR, and has discovered that the refrigerator door opens to enticing items inside.

Bailey had a great visit with Nana and Grandpa, who came out last Sunday for the day along with Uncle Shawn and his girlfriend Danielle. She had a great time playing with them. She also had fun shopping at Ron Jon and found a colorful hippo she loves, and last night she enjoyed the pleasure of Uncle George and Aunt Lois’s company at a local seafood restaurant, where she tried to eat corn fritters and tartar sauce.

All in all, it’s been a great time thus far. Except for her nighttime sleep, where she’s been waking up in the middle of the night scared, she’s done very well!

Here are some pictures from her escapades so far!


With Daddy at the condo


I'm ready for fireworks!


Oooh! What is this?


Mamma, getting dirty is fun!


Wearing Grandpa's hat. It looks better on me, doesn't it?


With Uncle Shawn's Girlfriend, Danielle


Do it again, Uncle Shawn! Make a funny face!


Light's out campers!


This surfing thing is kinda hard. I think I gotta wait 2 months til I can stand completely on my own.


with Nancy Bono


with Joe Bono. Having fun!


I love my hippo!


Sand in my mouth... egh!


Where are the fish... let me try to catch one like my cousin Nic


What's that, daddy?


With Mommy before dinner


Are we leaving yet? I'm hungry and ready for conch fritters!


With Uncle George & Aunt Lois


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