Back from the beach

Bailey had a great week at the beach! By the time her cousins joined her in the sand and surf on Saturday, she was raring to go. We couldn’t keep her out of the water, and she loved going into the deeper waves and having me or Daddy swing her up above the waves. She laughed and squealed and loved it! She also loved her cousins playing with her in the sand, and she seemed to enjoy watching them boogie board.

We’re now back from the beach and I think there are more teeth on their way. Bailey has been biting everything uncomfortably, which makes me think she’s got more teeth coming in soon. She also bit me on the chin a couple days ago! Not on purpose, I don’t think, but it was enough for me!

She’s standing more and more on her own now, which is crazy. Steps won’t be far behind, I can feel it. She’s bound and determined to get moving. Then it’ll be crazy for sure.

Here are some recent pictures from the last few days. You can definitely see her teeth now!


See my choppers?


Lovin the beach!


I can't see... it's so bright out here!


I like my starfish


Concentrate, concentrate!


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