8 1/2 months, and standing on her own

Bailey is making leaps and bounds towards walking these days. She can stand on her own for a good 30 seconds, legs spread apart and planted like a sumo wrestler. She’s so funny and cracks us up with her antics. Every day brings more independence, and she is loving her newfound freedom. She is much faster at crawling now, and wanders all over the house examining everything, even a spec on the floor. We’ve nicknamed her “Eagle Eye” because she can spot the most inconspicious thing on the floor and pick it up.

The last couple of days she’s not been feeling so great, probably because of her teeth coming in. She’s not been wanting to eat as much, and she’s normally a very good eater. She’s definitely making her desires known. We are trying to give her more solid foods and crackers/biscuits, but she still plays with the food more than anything. All in due time!

She visits her pediatrician on Thursday for her shots, so we’ll have an update on her weight/height and percentiles then. Can’t wait to see how far she’s progressed!


Don't you love my natural hair style?


ET phone home (I love pointing!)


Standing all by myself!


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