I love Sophie!

Nana got Bailey Sophie the giraffe. She arrived this week, and has been a big hit. As predicted, Bailey has been gnawing all over her, and loves it when she squeaks.

She’s had a bit of a rough week; a stomach bug we think has given her a bit of an upset belly, so she’s been vomiting and hasn’t had it easy the other way, either. She has not wanted to eat much, and has been a bit more clingy than usual. She’s slowly on the mend, but the nurse said to keep fluids down her and call if she gets a fever. At the doctor’s office she is almost 20 lbs. They will measure her at her 9 month checkup and we’ll find more about her height position then. I suspect she’s going to be pretty tall (at least now), because other babies her age are a bit smaller. But we’ll see.

Here are some pictures of Bailey enjoying Sophie, her new giraffe teething toy!


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