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Almost 10 months

Bailey will be 10 months old at the end of this week and she is now walking! They are tentative steps, but she takes 10 steps here, 15 steps there, and so on. She’s not full-on running yet, but it won’t be long til she has her balance and can take off full tilt. We know are sitting down days are numbered!

Bailey is talking more than ever now, and is babbling incessantly. She’s starting to figure out the names of mundane objects we all take for granted, and she carries on her own conversations with her toys. It’s cute to watch her interact and be in her own little world. As Nana says, Bailey will probably have a good imagination!

She’s also eating more foods – shredded turkey, bread, sliced banana, yogurt, peas and oatmeal. She also loves eating her Happy Baby puffs. They look like cheerios, but without all the additives and sugar, plus the ingredients are organic… a big plus! She eats those with abandon, and she delights in being able to pick them up and put them in her own mouth without help.


Whoo hoo! Hi everybody!


Hi Auntie Ellie! I love you too. Come visit me soon!


Hangin' out...


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9 mo. checkup

Bailey had her 9 month checkup yesterday afternoon and all is well! She was pretty unsure of her doctor, and started making the “I’m not sure about you” moans even before he started touching her. Once he came in with his stethescope she wanted none of it and began to cry. But nevertheless, she passed with flying colors, and some of her milestones are considered ‘advanced.’ (Whatever that means… babies go at their own speed, I’ve learned quickly.)

As far as the numbers go, she is 90% in height and 75th in weight, and her head circumference is between 50-75%. So all is good! She is on track to be very tall like her daddy so far. We’ll see! She got her dTAP shot, which she didn’t like, either, and she now weighs over 20 lbs. In just another couple months we’ll be facing her new Britax car seat forward, which I know she will love.


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9 months first steps

Bailey took her first real series of steps this past weekend – 6 in a row! It was amazing to watch her. She had a magazine in one hand (she loves paper, and ripping paper, and crawling around with paper, etc.) and I guess because she was so concentrated on the magazine, she then did what came instinctively… start trying to walk. At first she pivoted in a circle on one foot, then she started taking slow, methodical and controlled steps. It was precious!

She’s getting 2 more teeth so the last few days she’s been making funny faces and has been a bit irritable at times. She’s been sleeping more, too, which tells me she’s also hitting another growth spurt. We have her checkup with the pediatrician this afternoon, so that will tell us more about where she’s at developmentally.

Bailey is starting to really love books now. She likes the stories and big, colorful pictures. She’s also quite the organizer; she enjoys taking things out of baskets and then putting them back in. The other big ‘thing’ she loves is helping Mommy with the laundry. As soon as I take the basket out, she’s all over it. She takes the laundry out piece by piece and touches every bit of it, examining it, playing with it, etc. So fun to watch!


Excuse me?


I'm standing, sumo wrestler style


Funny face!


Why you stickin' things on top of my head?

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Raspberry girl

Bailey is all about blowing raspberries this week. She loves making new noises with her mouth, and she’s become quite the little chatterbox lately. She talks to herself, to her toys, to her blanket, to pieces of ripped paper, etc. It’s such a sweet moment to watch her in her own little world.

She’s been cruising around the coffee table like an old pro, putting one foot in front of the other. She is very close to figuring it all out, and then off she’ll go. I’m holding my breath! She still crawls everywhere Mach 5, so that’s still her most efficient means of getting here to there, but I know walking is not far off. She’s getting so big!

She had a good time this past weekend with her cousins and with Nana and Grandpa out at their house. She’s intrigued by their dog and loves all the knobs and drawers that she can open and pull on. There’s never a dull moment!


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Bailey and the bathtub

It’s official – Bailey loves her bath! Below is a video of her going Mach 5 (crawling style) to get to the bath tub. She is so funny because as soon as she hears the water running from anywhere in the house, she takes off to get to the tub!

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9 months this week

Bailey is officially 9 months old this week. My little girl is growing up so fast! She is standing more and more, and can now crouch down, look between her legs, and stand back up in one fell swoop. She has remarkable balance and her legs are very strong. She’s now ‘cruising’ around the coffee table, and is sidestepping… so here we go!

She’s had a pretty good week this week. She got to see her cousins on Tuesday; Aunt Marty babysat so we could go to a concert. Bailey did well, and loved being held by Madie, her 10 year old cousin! She and Madie have a special bond, though she loves all of her 10 cousins. Wednesday night we went to the supper at the church, and Olivia (her 4 year old cousin), entertained her by running around and being silly. Bailey was laughing hysterically and got such a kick out of Olivia’s antics!

Bailey is also very fond of our cat, and loves chasing him around the house. We’re trying to teach her how to pet him gently, instead of pulling out tufts of his fur. Poor cat!

Here are some recent pictures from this week!


I love riding on daddy's shoulders!


I'm up from my nap! Come & get me!


I know this thing changes the channel. Hmmm. Gotta figure this out.


You, Momma! You!

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