9 months this week

Bailey is officially 9 months old this week. My little girl is growing up so fast! She is standing more and more, and can now crouch down, look between her legs, and stand back up in one fell swoop. She has remarkable balance and her legs are very strong. She’s now ‘cruising’ around the coffee table, and is sidestepping… so here we go!

She’s had a pretty good week this week. She got to see her cousins on Tuesday; Aunt Marty babysat so we could go to a concert. Bailey did well, and loved being held by Madie, her 10 year old cousin! She and Madie have a special bond, though she loves all of her 10 cousins. Wednesday night we went to the supper at the church, and Olivia (her 4 year old cousin), entertained her by running around and being silly. Bailey was laughing hysterically and got such a kick out of Olivia’s antics!

Bailey is also very fond of our cat, and loves chasing him around the house. We’re trying to teach her how to pet him gently, instead of pulling out tufts of his fur. Poor cat!

Here are some recent pictures from this week!


I love riding on daddy's shoulders!


I'm up from my nap! Come & get me!


I know this thing changes the channel. Hmmm. Gotta figure this out.


You, Momma! You!


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