9 months first steps

Bailey took her first real series of steps this past weekend – 6 in a row! It was amazing to watch her. She had a magazine in one hand (she loves paper, and ripping paper, and crawling around with paper, etc.) and I guess because she was so concentrated on the magazine, she then did what came instinctively… start trying to walk. At first she pivoted in a circle on one foot, then she started taking slow, methodical and controlled steps. It was precious!

She’s getting 2 more teeth so the last few days she’s been making funny faces and has been a bit irritable at times. She’s been sleeping more, too, which tells me she’s also hitting another growth spurt. We have her checkup with the pediatrician this afternoon, so that will tell us more about where she’s at developmentally.

Bailey is starting to really love books now. She likes the stories and big, colorful pictures. She’s also quite the organizer; she enjoys taking things out of baskets and then putting them back in. The other big ‘thing’ she loves is helping Mommy with the laundry. As soon as I take the basket out, she’s all over it. She takes the laundry out piece by piece and touches every bit of it, examining it, playing with it, etc. So fun to watch!


Excuse me?


I'm standing, sumo wrestler style


Funny face!


Why you stickin' things on top of my head?


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