9 mo. checkup

Bailey had her 9 month checkup yesterday afternoon and all is well! She was pretty unsure of her doctor, and started making the “I’m not sure about you” moans even before he started touching her. Once he came in with his stethescope she wanted none of it and began to cry. But nevertheless, she passed with flying colors, and some of her milestones are considered ‘advanced.’ (Whatever that means… babies go at their own speed, I’ve learned quickly.)

As far as the numbers go, she is 90% in height and 75th in weight, and her head circumference is between 50-75%. So all is good! She is on track to be very tall like her daddy so far. We’ll see! She got her dTAP shot, which she didn’t like, either, and she now weighs over 20 lbs. In just another couple months we’ll be facing her new Britax car seat forward, which I know she will love.


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