Almost 10 months

Bailey will be 10 months old at the end of this week and she is now walking! They are tentative steps, but she takes 10 steps here, 15 steps there, and so on. She’s not full-on running yet, but it won’t be long til she has her balance and can take off full tilt. We know are sitting down days are numbered!

Bailey is talking more than ever now, and is babbling incessantly. She’s starting to figure out the names of mundane objects we all take for granted, and she carries on her own conversations with her toys. It’s cute to watch her interact and be in her own little world. As Nana says, Bailey will probably have a good imagination!

She’s also eating more foods – shredded turkey, bread, sliced banana, yogurt, peas and oatmeal. She also loves eating her Happy Baby puffs. They look like cheerios, but without all the additives and sugar, plus the ingredients are organic… a big plus! She eats those with abandon, and she delights in being able to pick them up and put them in her own mouth without help.


Whoo hoo! Hi everybody!


Hi Auntie Ellie! I love you too. Come visit me soon!


Hangin' out...


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