Curious, curious baby

Bailey has been a busy bee this week, opening cabinet doors, digging out pots and pans to play with, finding her way into every crevice, pulling out fake moss from the silk plants, terrorizing the cat by pulling on his tail…. ahhh! You name it, she’s done it. Her curiousity never ceases to amaze us, and she is so inquisitive about her world.

She’s still taking steps here and there, but we thought she’d be running by now. I guess that’s a good thing that she isn’t! She’s loving her walks in the stroller every morning, and she loves pointing at objects. I identify them for her so she can start to associate a name with things. She’s learning so much!


Here I come!


Go Gators!


Already trying to steal momma's shoes


I'm on the move, watch out world!


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