Labor day weekend fun

Bailey has had a wonderful Labor day weekend! She’s done lots of things: been outside for a walk, been swimming in the pool, went to church and played with the other babies in the nursery (where I’m told, she was “very talkative”). She also went to Angie’s for a pool/lake party, went and saw Nana and Grandpa and their growing peach orchard, and enjoyed lots of playtime with some new books and toys!

We finally got Bailey her very own toy phone to play with, as well as an old remote, since she’s been so enamored with the real thing (as most kids are). She loves playing with them, along with her new animals book, which she talks to and flips the pages as we read together. It’s so cute!

Bathtime is still very special, and Bailey can’t wait to get in the tub and play with her toys while she splashes around in the water. She hates getting out, and I think she’d stay in there all evening if you let her!


I'm ready to play soccer!


I need my Uncle Matt's OJ!


Can someone please help me lift this?


Little angel


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