Wanting daddy to come home

Bailey misses her daddy so much this week. As many of you know, we all got sick the day after Labor Day with a freak illness. We thought it was the flu, but aren’t sure. Bailey and I have gotten better, but Matt’s health spiraled out of control, and he was admitted to the hospital on Friday, Sept. 11. The local hospital were perplexed by his declining health, which included liver failure, double pneumonia, pulmonary edema, kidney issues and congestive heart failure, so we got him transferred to a larger hospital’s liver transplant unit. A plethora of tests have been done on him: liver biopsies, more blood work than you can imagine, lymph node biopsies (a very invasive procedure that will leave Matt with a 2 in. scar at his chest/throatline), cultures and more labs. Nothing conclusive has turned up. We know the lymph nodes in every part of his body are acutely enlarged. His heart is “stiff.” He has congestive heart failure. He has fluid in and around his lungs.

Throughout this whole turmoil of mystery, we have clung with dear life to God. So many of our friends and family have supported us in prayer, love, faith and hope, to help pull Matt out of his medical darkness. It has been a long road, but one we are confident will bring him to healing, and renewed strength. We thank all of you for your love and prayers… the outpouring of support has been tremendous, and it has been amazing to watch God start a national prayer chain for my husband. No words can adequately express our thanks.

Below are recent pictures of Bailey… even with the hardship that has come this last 2 weeks, she has been the shining light that helps to give us strength and reminds us that God does do miracles, as she is one of His amazing blessings.


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