11 months – milestones abound!

Bailey is so happy to have Daddy home. She’s a little perplexed about what’s going on, but I can see it in her eyes that she’s missed him and can’t wait for him to play with her again very soon once he’s stronger!

She’s growing by leaps and bounds, and learning at the same rate. So much has happened in just one month! She’s loving her books, and welcomes storytime at the end of the day. She’ll even turn the page when you ask her to “Turn the page.” Such a smartie! She’s walking everywhere; she crawls very little now, and she is f-a-s-t on her feet! She’s saying “hi” and loves to try and take the TV remote and point it at the TV (even though she’s not learned how to change channels just yet). She can also answer the phone and say “hi.” Hilarious!

She’s eating all kinds of new foods: She loves Nana’s chicken pot pie, spaghetti noodles, cannellini bean soup, turkey, deli meat, cereal, and whole peas, carrots, corn and beans. She eats up yogurt wholeheartedly, and enjoys saltines and most types of crackers. She can drink from her sippy all by herself, and likes to feed herself whenever possible. Such a big girl!

Here are some recent photos!



Whatcha lookin at?


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