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Birthday girl!

Today is Bailey’s first birthday. Hard to believe a year has gone by already, and she is now the ripe age of 1. It’s amazing how much has happened in such a short amount of time, and how much she’s grown and how much joy she has brought to our lives. She is such a miracle, and we are so blessed to have her. She has an amazingly sweet disposition and loves to please. She laughs and loves to play. She gives kisses willingly (most of the time), and comes to snuggle when she needs comfort. She is a true joy. I don’t know what our lives would be like without her. I’m so glad God brought her to us a year ago. We are so blessed!

We had a small family party with the grandparents tonight. It was a lot of fun. Bailey got some new toys and clothes and dug into her first cake (although she was pensive at first). She didn’t quite know what to make of all the sugar on the cake Nana made for her. It was funny. But like all 1-year olds, she managed to get it all over her. It was priceless! Here are some recent pictures, and some pictures from today’s birthday celebration.




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She loves hugs and kisses

Bailey gives hugs and kisses these days. You can ask her for a kiss, and she leans forward in anticipation, and will give you a kiss. She also will come up to us and hold her arms outstretched and give us her own version of a hug. It is so sweet, and it melts your heart.

She still loves digging up the fake moss in our silk plants, and has a new fetish for stealing shoes out of the closet and hoarding her blankets. She will try and grab 5-8 of them (they’re bigger than she is) and she balls them all up and holds on to them, waddling away. It’s precious. We call her “the thief.” She’s so quick; it’s blink and you’ll miss it snatching!

Bailey’s been working on her words. She says “hot” and tries to say “water” (though it’s garbled). She also does her own version of “woof woof” when she sees a dog. Hilarious. Her main word right now is “hot” and she walks around saying it all day long, very proud of herself.

Hard to believe she’ll be 1 year old in just a few short days… my how time has flown! It’s been such an adventure, and every day with her has been a blessing. She’s truly our miracle child, and we cannot believe how much we love her.




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Smart baby!

Bailey’s showing off how smart she is lately. She’s turning pages in books when you say “turn the page,” she’s figured out that daddy’s home when she hears the hum of the garage, she says “hi” when the phone rings, and she says “hot” when I’m cooking on the stove. (Among other things!)

We got her a basket with plastic produce which she just loves, and a shopping cart to go with it, so she’s been playing with that this week. She’s also starting to run (not without falls, though), and she really enjoys digging up the fake moss around our silk plants around the house. She’s quick at making a mess of things! All drawers are also her domain, and she still loves to carry around pots and pans and lids.

She loves to giggle, and she gets a kick out of playing chase and peek-a-boo, and she still loves bathtime. She’s learned how to splash in the water, and she crawls around the tub because she doesn’t want to get out!


Playing with a pummelo


I got my shopping cart (and my fish face!)


Waiting on my lunch... hurry up!


Future concert pianist. 🙂


Biter baby!

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Busy bee!

Bailey is everywhere these days. She’s very mobile and is fast[er] on her feet. She loves pushing her high chair around the house! (See video below.) It cracks us up! She’s loving her newfound mobility, and every day she gets a little more fluid with walking, instead of looking like the perpetual drunken sailor.

She’s loving new books, and is enjoying trying to drag toys with her. She’s very attached to her blanket, and is becoming more stranger aware. We’ve had a couple visitors recently, and she clung to Mama tightly, very unsure of the new people around her. It’s totally normal, and healthy.

She’s babbling more these days and is really intent on Da-Da-Da and Ma-Ma-Ma sounds, and she lets you know it when she doesn’t like something. She’s also proving that she’s a sensitive child with a sweet demeanor; she doesn’t like it when you talk to her sternly or when she is asked to not get into something, etc. She takes it personally. But she is very sweet, loves to give kisses, and likes to be held.


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