Busy bee!

Bailey is everywhere these days. She’s very mobile and is fast[er] on her feet. She loves pushing her high chair around the house! (See video below.) It cracks us up! She’s loving her newfound mobility, and every day she gets a little more fluid with walking, instead of looking like the perpetual drunken sailor.

She’s loving new books, and is enjoying trying to drag toys with her. She’s very attached to her blanket, and is becoming more stranger aware. We’ve had a couple visitors recently, and she clung to Mama tightly, very unsure of the new people around her. It’s totally normal, and healthy.

She’s babbling more these days and is really intent on Da-Da-Da and Ma-Ma-Ma sounds, and she lets you know it when she doesn’t like something. She’s also proving that she’s a sensitive child with a sweet demeanor; she doesn’t like it when you talk to her sternly or when she is asked to not get into something, etc. She takes it personally. But she is very sweet, loves to give kisses, and likes to be held.


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