Smart baby!

Bailey’s showing off how smart she is lately. She’s turning pages in books when you say “turn the page,” she’s figured out that daddy’s home when she hears the hum of the garage, she says “hi” when the phone rings, and she says “hot” when I’m cooking on the stove. (Among other things!)

We got her a basket with plastic produce which she just loves, and a shopping cart to go with it, so she’s been playing with that this week. She’s also starting to run (not without falls, though), and she really enjoys digging up the fake moss around our silk plants around the house. She’s quick at making a mess of things! All drawers are also her domain, and she still loves to carry around pots and pans and lids.

She loves to giggle, and she gets a kick out of playing chase and peek-a-boo, and she still loves bathtime. She’s learned how to splash in the water, and she crawls around the tub because she doesn’t want to get out!


Playing with a pummelo


I got my shopping cart (and my fish face!)


Waiting on my lunch... hurry up!


Future concert pianist. 🙂


Biter baby!


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