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Our little foodie

Bailey has been on a learning and discovering binge the last few days. She’s finally figured out how to kick her leg on top of the ottoman in order to pull her whole body up. Here we go… climbing furniture (and falling off it)! She’s also loving climbing into our built-ins in the family room, and she relishes getting into things she knows she’s not supposed to.

She tried lamb tonight for the first time, and loved it. Along with green beans, rice and cooked apples. She ate very well. She’s also enjoying her milk, and likes to try new foods.

She’s saying “water, pretty, kitt-kitt (for kitty), Mama, Dada, Nana, ernana (for banana)” and she takes her palm and puts it to her mouth when she wants her pacifier. Too cute!


Lickin' my lips!


Huh? Whattya say?


Hey everybody!


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She’s part monkey

Bailey has been very very busy the last few days learning how to climb. She loves to climb up in our built-in shelving, and then climb yet again on top of her toy chest! She is such a little monkey. Daddy says, “she’s part goat.” She’s a busy little bee, that’s for sure! She loves to try and get on top of anything that she possibly can, and she’s so determined that she doesn’t give up easily.

She had a fun day yesterday at Harry and Diane’s; she loved being in her new BOB revolution stroller and cruising down the path while we got some exercise. She did really well! We visited with Nana and Grandpa yesterday afternoon and Bailey enjoyed seeing them, though she didn’t quite understand why Nana couldn’t pick her up. (Nana just had back surgery last week and is recovering.)

Today we went to church and then she hung out at home. We took her for a stroller ride/jog, and she loved playing games today (peek-a-boo, reading books, hide and seek, chase, keep away, etc.). She’s such a fun baby!

She’s now saying “water” (waaa-tah), Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Nana, and if you ask her what the dog says, she purses her lips and does a ‘ruff ruff’ sound. Then you can ask her what a cat says, and she says “Meee-iw” for “meow.” So cute! She’s catching on to so much right now, and every day is another new step forward in learning. This past week, when the door opened and chimed (from the alarm), she said “DaDa” and took off running. She knew Daddy was home.

We love her so much!


At her 3rd and final 1st birthday party


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12 months growing

Bailey’s having a good week and continues to grow like a weed. We saw her pediatrician yesterday. She is 90% in height and 75% in weight. She’s slowed down on the weight gain — definitely because she’s a busy bee and is moving around! She had a great checkup and all is well. Good news!

Here are some pictures from this week. She is such a ham! We love her so much!


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Bailey’s big birthday bash

Bailey had her big birthday bash yesterday with some of our friends. She had a great time! She powered through even though she missed her afternoon nap, and enjoyed all the commotion and attention. We had a big bounce house for all the kids to play in, and of course a few of them ended up in the pool (despite it being a little chilly). It was a great day for her, and we couldn’t be more blessed with such wonderful family and friends! Thanks to everyone who blesses our lives. We love you!


Ladybug cupcakes that Mommy & Nana made


The kids loved these!


The birthday girl and Mom before all the commotion started


Happy Birthday, Bailey Bee!


I'm not sure about this...


One smear and I've had enough


I'll share with Bryce, though!


And my friend Emi, too!


The bounce house


Bailey in the bounce house

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Happy Halloween!

Bailey was so cute tonight in her bumblebee Halloween costume! She and her cousins went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, and despite the unusual humidity for this time of year, she did great. Everyone loved her and thought she was so adorable.

Tomorrow is her party so we put her to bed as soon as we finished getting her loot. She has a big birthday bash ahead. Sweet dreams! Here are some pictures of our little bee!



With her cousin Madie

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