She’s part monkey

Bailey has been very very busy the last few days learning how to climb. She loves to climb up in our built-in shelving, and then climb yet again on top of her toy chest! She is such a little monkey. Daddy says, “she’s part goat.” She’s a busy little bee, that’s for sure! She loves to try and get on top of anything that she possibly can, and she’s so determined that she doesn’t give up easily.

She had a fun day yesterday at Harry and Diane’s; she loved being in her new BOB revolution stroller and cruising down the path while we got some exercise. She did really well! We visited with Nana and Grandpa yesterday afternoon and Bailey enjoyed seeing them, though she didn’t quite understand why Nana couldn’t pick her up. (Nana just had back surgery last week and is recovering.)

Today we went to church and then she hung out at home. We took her for a stroller ride/jog, and she loved playing games today (peek-a-boo, reading books, hide and seek, chase, keep away, etc.). She’s such a fun baby!

She’s now saying “water” (waaa-tah), Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Nana, and if you ask her what the dog says, she purses her lips and does a ‘ruff ruff’ sound. Then you can ask her what a cat says, and she says “Meee-iw” for “meow.” So cute! She’s catching on to so much right now, and every day is another new step forward in learning. This past week, when the door opened and chimed (from the alarm), she said “DaDa” and took off running. She knew Daddy was home.

We love her so much!


At her 3rd and final 1st birthday party


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